Postmark removes the headaches of delivering and parsing transactional email for webapps with minimal setup time and zero maintenance. We have years of experience getting email to the inbox, so you can work and rest easier.


API Paths

Get Account Settings (GET) /account/settings OpenAPI
Update Account Settings (POST) /account/settings OpenAPI
Update Account Deliver Service (POST) /account/update_delivery_device OpenAPI
Update Profile Background Image (POST) /account/update_profile_background_image OpenAPI
Update Profile Colors (POST) /account/update_profile_colors OpenAPI
Update Profile Image (POST) /account/update_profile_image OpenAPI
Update Profile (POST) /account/update_profile OpenAPI
Get Rate Limit Sttaus (GET) /application/rate_limit_status OpenAPI
Block User (POST) /blocks/create OpenAPI
Unblock User (POST) /blocks/destroy OpenAPI
Block Users (GET) /blocks/ids OpenAPI
Block List (GET) /blocks/list OpenAPI
Remove Direct Message (POST) /direct_messages/destroy OpenAPI
Get Direct Messages (GET) /direct_messages OpenAPI
Create Direct Message (POST) /direct_messages/new OpenAPI
Get Sent Direct Messages (GET) /direct_messages/sent OpenAPI
Show Direct Message (GET) /direct_messages/show OpenAPI
Get Followers (GET) /followers/ids OpenAPI
Get Friends (GET) /friends/ids OpenAPI
Follow User (POST) /friendships/create OpenAPI
Unfollow user (POST) /friendships/destroy OpenAPI
Get Friend Requests (GET) /friendships/incoming OpenAPI
Get Friend Requests (GET) /friendships/outgoing OpenAPI
Get Friends (GET) /friendships/show OpenAPI
Unfollow User (POST) /friendships/update OpenAPI
Get Place (GET) /geo/id/{place_id} OpenAPI
Get Places (GET) /geo/places OpenAPI
Get Lat / Log (GET) /geo/reverse_geoncode OpenAPI
Geo Search (GET) /geo/search OpenAPI
Get Similar Places (GET) /geo/similar_places OpenAPI
Help Configuration (GET) /help/configuration OpenAPI
Help Langues (GET) /help/languages OpenAPI
Help Privacy (GET) /help/privacy OpenAPI
Help Terms of Services (GET) /help/tos OpenAPI
Add Member (POST) /list/members/create OpenAPI
Remove Members (GET) /list/members/destroy_all OpenAPI
Get Members (GET) /list/members OpenAPI
Show Members (GET) /list/members/show OpenAPI
Create List (POST) /lists/create OpenAPI
Destroy List (POST) /lists/destroy OpenAPI
List LIst (GET) /lists/list OpenAPI
Add Users to List (GET) /lists/members/create_all OpenAPI
Remove User From List (GET) /lists/members/destroy OpenAPI
Get Memberships (GET) /lists/memberships OpenAPI
Show LIsts (GET) /lists/show OpenAPI
List Statuses (GET) /lists/statuses OpenAPI
Add List Subscribers (POST) /lists/subscribers/create OpenAPI
Remove List Subscribers (GET) /lists/subscribers/destroy OpenAPI
List Subscribers (GET) /lists/subscribers OpenAPI
Show List Subscribers (GET) /lists/subscribers/show OpenAPI
Show List Subscriptions (GET) /lists/subscriptions OpenAPI
Update List (POST) /lists/update OpenAPI
Create Saved Search (POST) /saved_searches/create OpenAPI
Destroy Saved Search (POST) /saved_searches/destroy/{id} OpenAPI
List Saved Searches (GET) /saved_searches/list OpenAPI
Get Saved Search (GET) /saved_searches/show/{id} OpenAPI
Search Tweets (GET) /search/tweets OpenAPI
Remove Tweet (POST) /statuses/destroy/{id} OpenAPI
Status Timeline (GET) /statuses/home_timeline OpenAPI
Mentions Timelines (GET) /statuses/mentions_timeline OpenAPI
Oembed Statuses (GET) /statuses/oembed OpenAPI
Show Retweets (POST) /statuses/retweets/{id} OpenAPI
Show Retweet (GET) /statuses/show/{id} OpenAPI
Update Status (POST) /statuses/update OpenAPI
Show Timelines Status (GET) /statuses/user_timeline OpenAPI
Show Available Trends (GET) /trends/available OpenAPI
Show Closes Trends (GET) /trends/closest OpenAPI
Show Place Trends (GET) /trends/place OpenAPI
User Contributees (GET) /users/contributees OpenAPI
User Contributors (GET) /users/contributors OpenAPI
User Lookup (GET) /users/lookup OpenAPI
Report User Spam (POST) /users/report_spam OpenAPI
User Search (GET) /users/search OpenAPI
Show User (GET) /users/show OpenAPI